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Department of Children & Family Services Attorney in Chicago, Illinois

“Indicated” findings: One of the functions of DCFS is to investigate allegations of abuse or neglect of children. After beginning an investigation, DCFS will make a determination of whether the allegations of abuse or neglect are “unfounded” or “indicated.” An “indicated” finding means that there is some credible evidence of the abuse or neglect, and the person DCFS determines is the perpetrator may be listed on the State Child Abuse and Neglect Registry.

You have the right to appeal such a finding, and to present evidence. Having an attorney to represent you in these proceedings, and to help you through the process is exceedingly important. I am available to provide representation in these cases.

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Abuse and Neglect: Another possible effect of a DCFS investigation is that a court case may be opened which may result in the children involved becoming wards of the court. Multiple people are involved in this process including the State’s Attorney, DCFS, a Guardian ad Litem, a caseworker, and the process itself can be overwhelming and confusing.

Having an attorney to help you navigate this system is important, and it is best to get an attorney early on in the proceedings. At Law Office of Phillip Brigham LLC, I am prepared to provide Chicago-area clients with representation in these cases.